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  • Dale Alpina ladies merino wool sweater

    200,00 €

    Alpina is a sports sweater and is a good choice for everyday wear. The sweater was originally designed for a Norwegian ski team.

  • KARI TRAA ULLA women's long underpants
    75,00 €
    37,50 €

    Kari Traa Ulla is a versatile woolen base layer with fun stripes and sporty looks. The laundry is warm, pleasant to the touch, breathable and naturally odor resistant.

  • BERGANS UTNE women's shorts

    0,00 €

    Light and comfortable shorts made of fast-drying elastic material are specially developed for hiking and outdoor activities.

  • KARI TRAA MARI shorts
    40,00 €
    28,00 €

    Elastic, Simple, Simply Super - The Kari Traa Mari are super comfortable training shorts that will become the best friend of any active girl. Lightweight and breathable material dries lightly and makes you feel like you have nothing at all.

  • Dale Totta Ladies Windstopper Jacket
    299,90 €
    209,93 €

    Totta is made of specially treated wool on the surface, so-called. "Knitshell" material that is water repellent. Inside, there is a Windstopper membrane that is windproof and a flannel soft liner for added comfort

  • KARI TRAA VINJE sweater

    144,00 €

    Kari Traa Vinje F / Z is a fashionable middle layer that provides warmth and comfort in casual style on cold winter days. Soft, 100% wool knit construction ensures natural heat, removes moisture and retains heat even when wet.

  • KARI TRAA RETT women's long underpants

    90,00 €

    Kari Traa Rett is a hybrid base layer designed for high energy activities in nature. Functional DriRelease material in combination with 100% merino wool optimizes the effects of heat and dries quickly.


    90,00 €

    A popular series of thermo underwear inspired by the traditional Norwegian rose pattern in combination with solid color elements with a visual slimming effect. 

  • KARI TRAA ULLA 3/4 women's underpants

    65,00 €

    It is lightweight in sporty style versatile base layer made for cold weather. Super soft, 100% merino wool stays pleasant to the touch, breathes well and is naturally odor resistant.

    70,00 €
    49,00 €

    Lightweight and incredibly soft - this is the Kari Traa Tikse's ultra-soft, 100% merino wool underpants. It is the base layer for slightly increasing heat in cold weather.

  • KARI TRAA BJORKE women's shorts
    40,00 €
    28,00 €

    Colorful, Cotton Comfort - Jump into Björke shorts on bright sunny days, or just want to relax on the sofa. The soft blend of cotton material feels good on the skin and the 4-way elastic material gives you unlimited movement.

  • KARI TRAA ANITA singlet
    43,00 €
    25,80 €

    It is a pleasant, modern, training top developed for challenging workouts. This top is made of a soft and supple material that feels like fine cotton, but in fact it is a technical blend of polyester with a 4-way elastic material that is very breathable and quick-drying.

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