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Outdoor equipment

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Outdoor equipment

JULBO WHOOPS sunglasses

€65.00 with tax included
54.17 € tax excluded

Julbo engineered these WHOOPS sunglasses with state-of-the-art technology using the finest Plastic to provide the pair with high quality and functionality.

JULBO TRIP sunglasses

€60.00 with tax included
50.00 € tax excluded

Universal glasses with colored glasses. Ideal for travel or everyday wear.

JULBO STREAM sunglasses

€100.00 with tax included
83.33 € tax excluded

Stylish glasses, designed for performance and intensive use in extreme sports. They provide excellent protection from the sun and splashing water.

JULBO SPARK sunglasses

€120.00 with tax included
100.00 € tax excluded

Women\'s sporty-elegant glasses with colored glasses with a mirror effect.

JULBO SHIELD M sunglasses

€100.00 with tax included
83.33 € tax excluded

Alpine technical glasses that combine perfect sun protection with a modern look.

JULBO PADDLE sunglasses

€90.00 with tax included
75.00 € tax excluded

Sunglasses ideal for water. Whether it\'s a beach, a lake shore or a river meander, you\'re sure to appreciate the combination of technical excellence and beach style.

JULBO FLASH kid sunglasses

€40.00 with tax included
33.33 € tax excluded

The wraparound design of FLASH provides optimal protection for children\'s eyes while looking super-cool.

JULBO AERO sunglasses

€180.00 with tax included
150.00 € tax excluded

Sports glasses designed for performance sports with maximum ventilation for changing conditions.

JULBO STUNT sunglasses

€135.00 with tax included
112.50 € tax excluded

Julbo\'s Stunt glasses can handle any speed. Designed for downhill and mountain biking.

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OPINEL VRI N°07 Inox Nature

€18.05 with tax included €19.00
15.04 € tax excluded

Folding pocket knife for nature lovers Opinel. It has a blade made of modified Sandvik 12C27 steel and a handle made of hard beech wood with an engraved heart motif.