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Kari Traa

Kari Traa is not just a champion freestyle skier with three Olympic medals to her name, but also the creator of the now fastest growing sports brand in Europe.

Kari’s story begins in Voss, the small town caught between the Norwegian fjords and mountains, where she was born and raised.
Kari`s Norwegian heritage has not only given her a talent for skiing, but also an eye for design and a unique passion for creativity. Even during the height of her skiing career, Kari somehow found ways to develop that creativity.

In between training and competing, you would find Kari knitting beanies and customizing her own ski wear. Creating designs that were to become so popular amongst friends and fellow skiers around the world, that in 2002 she decided to turn her hobby into business. And so the Kari Traa brand was born.

The Kari Traa collection has grown from that small selection of feminine headgear into a complete, extensive brand for active girls. A strong color palette, an unmistakable design and the highest technical quality is found in every item, from underwear to outerwear.

“For girls, by girls.”

Even today, fond childhood memories, the rugged Norwegian nature, harsh weather conditions and a strong sense of Scandinavian traditions are still the sources of inspiration for Kari Traa’s designs. Sportswear designed to perfectly fit the female body, but still fulfill the needs of an active, sporty and adventurous lifestyle. For Kari there are no contradictions between style and performance...



In 1937 in Innvik, a small town on the shores of Nordfjord in Norway, Halstein Skogstad created the company H. Skogstad Ltd to make textile products such as trousers and jackets. H. Skogstad Ltd also specialised in making clothing for local factories and companies. By the end of the 1970’s, Skogstad was in partnership with companies across Norway and employed 10-15 people in Innvik.

Since the beginning, Skogstad has always had the highest possible focus on product development and innovation. Skogstad was the first supplier in the sport’s industry in Norway to development waterproof and windproof children’s products with taped seams. And because of this, Skogstad is considered one of the market leaders in the development quality outdoor clothing for kids. Skogstad now proudly has 10 retail stores in Norway (with more in development), many fantastic retailers in the sport and fashion industry in Norway, the UK, Slovakia and more, and successful online stores covering the whole of Norway and the UK. And we're just getting started!

Skogstad make clothes for the whole family and our products are known for their innovation, enjoyable design, high quality, and sensible price. Product, company development, and “the customer’s needs” are always in focus, and we promise to continue to deliver clothes for tomorrow’s outdoor experiences.


Devold of Norway

The year was 1853, the place was the weather-beaten coastline of Western Norway. The newly trained industrialist Ole Andreas Devold returned home (Ålesund) from Germany full of optimism.

Devold brought back with him state-of-the-art mechanical knitting equipment and high hopes of selling his products – knitted woollen underwear and mittens – to the fishermen and those wearing the rødlua, a red knit cap not unlike a beanie – a festive garment used on Sundays, deeply rooted in Norwegian folklore, that has become a symbol of adventure and exploration. However, gaining ground among the local merchants was easier said than done. For this reason, Devold travelled to Bergen where he sold his goods through Sundt, a well-established wholesaler, who in turn sold Devold’s woollens to the local merchants in Ålesund.


Dale of Norway

The village of Dale is nestled between steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1872, Peder Jebsen travelled through the small village of Dale, located close to the city of Bergen. He recognized Dale as an ideal place to establish a premium textile production facility utilizing the valley’s potential for natural hydro power, the easy access to Norwegian wool and strong knitting traditions.

Peder Jebsen secured the rights to the local waterfalls and soon thereafter, steamboats loaded with new machines from England arrived in Dale. The Dale of Norway textile facility was completed in 1879 and has remained active in the village of Dale ever since.

From the beginning, the focus was set on crafting premium wool qualities. We quickly grew to be the largest employer in the region. Skilled knitters and artisans joined our company, often followed by their family members. Subsequently, this experience and expertise was passed on to the next generation.

Being one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway, we are able to pay close attention to every stage of the production. This ensures premium quality in every garment – a Dale of Norway trademark since 1879.



Laken is a Spanish company operating for over a 100 years, that specializes in environmentally friendly bottles and containers for drinks and food. Laken has lots of experience and knowledge that has been applied to making the excellent,
well thought out and environmentally friendly products for you. Today Laken provides a huge selection of drinking bottles, thermoses,flasks and food containers  made of certified and guaranteed safe materials, including food grade stainless steel and aluminum.



Aclima AS has been owned by Johansen family since 1939. During 3 generations we have become an important and competent Norwegian textile producer. The experience and knowledge that we have obtained throughout the generations are invaluable in our continuing efforts to keep people warm and dry. We know the requirements that our particular climate offers and we do our utmost to meet them. We try to make the best possible underwear for all conditions and professions. This is also why we focus on the user; for small children in the kindergarden or flame resistant and insulation underwear for the Army.

The wool specialist: Our vision is to contribute in getting more people to enjoy the outdoors. We work every day to carry out our business idea: “Aclima will combine knowledge of the market, fibres, knitting and design to develop and sell functional clothing for usage by outdoor people. Aclima specializes in sports underwear with merino wool in most of its products. Merino wool provides excellent comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and in all levels of activity. As you might know, wool has the unique ability to keep you warm, even when you are wet from sweat, rain or snow. With Aclima products, we have created durable wool products that are very comfortable and have maximum breathability to transport moisture. Function has always been our first priority, but we are also concerned with how the clothing makes you feel and if you like the colours and design. We are grateful for any tips or input you may have.
Aclima AS is located in Krøderen, Norway near to the Norefjell ski resort, which is only 1 1/2 hour drive from Oslo. A fantastic area for product testing and development.
The Aclima collection covers outdoor sports activities all year, offering all necessary underwear layers and midlayers, so you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities feeling comfortable while doing it!


Bergans of Norway

Outdoor equipment for pioneers throughout a century of adventures

Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. We introduced and patented the backpack as we know it today, an invention famous polar explorers such as Amundsen and Scott recognized and used on their expeditions. No other manufacturer of outdoor equipment can match our experience in polar exploration – or our ambition to share this legacy with today’s adventurers. Founded in 1908, Bergans has played a major role in Norwegian outdoor life for more than a century.



MUND was born in the mountains of Sierra de la Demanda (Burgos, Spain). Our factory is located in the town of Pradoluengo, which textile tradition comes from the XVI century. Our products join transmitted knowledge during generations with the most advanced technology and designs.

Our work consist in the combination of the continuous research of intelligent ffibers with the development of innovative designs in order to offer the best product to mountaineers, sportsmen and athletes. We are specialized in technique mountain and sport socks and compression garments which are sold in more than 50 countries all around the world.

In MUND we believe that mountain and sport must be accessible, therefore we exert ourselves in order to develop high quality products at competitive prices. We want to facilitate comfort and wellbeing to all those people who live sport and mountain as we do.



In 1890, in a small Savoie village in Maurienne, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that now bears his name. The Opinel company. located at Chambéry in the heart of the Alps, is still run by the descendants of Joseph Opinel and manufactures items whose quality has made the brand famous for nearly 130 years. The collection contains knives and pocket tools for DIY, sport, outdoors activities and gardening as well as kitchen knives and table knives…



High-energy bars made only from organic raw materials - 100% organic fruits and organic nuts. They do not contain any fillers (soy, oatmeal, rice, etc.), preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners. The bars do not contain gluten or lactose. Chimpanzee do not dissolve in the heat and do not freeze in winter because they do not contain fillers (ribbons). Ideal for expeditions, trips to the mountains, or just for taste.

This piece of natural energy should not be missing in your backpack, let's go for a short walk or a several-day trip.

Brew Company

Brew Company can best be described as a modern teapot. It brings the best attributes from a teapot in terms of extraction and delivers a filtered gourmet brew. It also delivers the convenience of a teabag, as the consumer can carry it anywhere as it is lightweight. It's safe and easy to use. Just add 400 ml of hot water and let it brew for 1 to 5 minutes. Furthermore, the packaging allows for a decent amount of information to be communicated. The filter has been designed well thought out: when the consumer has served the first cup of tea, the remaining tea is below the filter and the brewing process stops. This tea brewer is reusable.


Frendo is a French company specializing in mountain equipment, climbing, bivouac, sleds and lamps for sports.
Frendo is developing its own models, always more innovative and more practical to meet the most demanding of our users.
In 2016 Frendo celebrated its 70th anniversary, a brand that has evolved since Edouard Frendo who left his name to a spur in the Mont Blans massif near the aiguille du midi. He has also made numerous expeditions to Greenland, in the Hymalaya and the Cordillera of the Andes.
Quality control is carried out for each product before shipment.



Julbo is a leader in the sports sunglasses industry. The company was founded in 1988. Since its beginning, the brand has surprised the world with its innovative ideas, designs and high quality material by which it produces sunglasses and lenses. Julbo is a renowned French eye-wear designer that has smartly combined technology and innovative ideas in its products. The brand is continuously struggling to respond to ever growing demands for high quality eyewear in the sports sector. Anti-fogging, anti-reflective and water repellent are the key areas where the company mainly focuses. Julbo high performance lenses are widely used in winter sports and recreational activities.